VIDEO: What do grass-fed cattle eat over the winter?

What do Grass-fed Cattle eat over the winter? We often get asked this question once the weather turns cold and the grass stops growing. In the video below, I talk about how we make sure our cows' stomachs are full over the winter. I hope you enjoyed watching the video. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to or simply call us at (570) 900-1566. 

The Science of Making High Quality Haylage

Farming may look simple, but there is a lot of science that is involved before the food we grow hits your dinner plate. Get the inside scoop on how we make sure our cattle are eating nothing but the best feed over the winter.

Our Farm's History: A Transition into Regenerative Agriculture

It all started in the late 1700s when our ancestors came to America during the Revolutionary War. When the war was finished, they decided to settle here in the little Mahantango Valley in central PA, because it looked and felt like their homeland in the Black Forest region of Germany. As time went on they began to work the soil to provide food for their new families. When we look out the window of our house we can see the land where the first homestead was built!

Conventional AND Organic: Why We're Growing Potatoes Both Ways

Growing potatoes is tricky. When you add in considerations about organic versus conventional growing methods, it gets even harder to figure out what to do. At Red Hill Harvest, we do both, but the certifications alone don't tell the whole story of our growing practices. We are working to grow the best, most nutrient dense potatoes across all categories.

The Best Grass Fed Beef Is Local: Here's Why

Not all grass fed beef is created equal. Much of the grass fed beef purchased in the US is actually imported beef and some of it isn't even raised on pasture! Learn why country of origin labels matter and why eating local grass fed beef is always the best option.

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