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Let’s Create a Healthy Future Together

100% Grass-Fed Beef, Fresh Potatoes, Crisp Cabbage, & Pastured Eggs
Nutritious food delivered to your home… just like our grandfather used to do.

Shopping for food shouldn’t be a confusing burden.

Let’s go back to the way things used to be, when your farmer was family.

Leave the supermarket behind, and adopt our farm into your family.

We promise you:

Good quality, healthy food

Easy and convenient delivery

Grown and processed in Pennsylvania

Respect for the environment

Excellent and loving customer support

Join our good food community! 

Let’s create a healthy future together.

Make Red Hill Harvest your family farmer.

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Loved by our Families

The New York strip was excellent. Beautifully-cut, deep red in color with a nice strip of fat, and a consistent size & shape between the steaks in the package—a big plus for me when timing the plating for two people. The texture adds a lot to the flavor, with the seared edge opening up earthy notes in the steak itself. As strip steaks go, it was relatively tender but the highlight was in the juiciness. (I’m far from an expert on the grill, but after a 5-minute rest we’re talking explode-in-your-mouth bites.) 5/5 on flavor; highly recommend Red Hill if you like a steak that needs nothing but a little salt and pepper.
Kevin W.
Wonderful family of extremely hard working farmers who clearly care about their customers and the health of their farmland.
Noah M.
Delicious grass fed beef and french fry potatoes are a game changer!
Meagan D.
Sophia M.
Five stars!
Keri F.
OMG, so good. Just last night we had the chop meat for hamburgers and they were the BEST! Roast also wonderful. We will order again.
Daria M. -NJ Daria M. -NJ

We're an 8th Generation Farm!

Currently owned and operated by three generations of the Masser family, Red Hill Harvest embodies the nostalgia of the past. We take the best of what our grandparents did and mix it with modern ideals to create a tasty, healthy, and reliable food source for our loving customers.