Transitioning to Regenerative

Embarking on a journey to repair our soil.

We’ve been farming our land for 8 generations. When it all started, there weren’t any chemicals or GMO crops. 

Then, like many farmers in the US, we went conventional starting in the 1960s. High yields and selling all to large chain markets was great… but relatively short lived.

Much of our soil has been damaged. In one storm, we lost 6 feet of soil in one go! We needed to change, and change we did.

Farming Practices

We aim to close the nutrient cycle on our farm so that we do not need to add or lose nutrients.

Conventional → Organic

Right now, 100 of our 550 acres are certified organic. We plan to add more organic acres in the years to come.

GMO crops → Incorporating non-GMO and heirloom plant varieties

We are working to get back to more natural species that work with the land, not against it.

Row crop only → Incorporating animals

Our grass-fed beef cattle live happy lives while grazing rotationally. This makes for healthy animals, which in turn make healthy food for you. We plan to add more livestock species.

Monocropping → Diverse Pastures

We have more acres every year growing a variety of grasses. This diversity brings life back to our land with a variety of microorganisms, bugs, birds, and mammals.

Synthetic fertilizers → Fertilizing naturally with animals

Manure is amazing for soil. It builds topsoil and adds nutrients and water back in. We are reducing our artificial fertilizer use year after year simply by having animals graze the land. They are happily and naturally nourished... and so is our soil! 

Want to know more about our farm’s history?

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