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3 Generations Working Together

The best of what our grandparents did mixed with modern ideals.

A tasty, healthy, and reliable food source for our loving customers

For eight generations, our family has grown and harvested produce on our 550-acre farm in Pitman, Pennsylvania. 

Our grandfather used to deliver food to neighbors’ doorsteps in the “coal towns” of the 1950s, whether they were home or not. If they were going through a rough patch or didn’t get paid until the end of the month, he’d leave food anyway and mark it down in his “tick book”. They’d pay when they were back on their feet.

As time went on, the farm followed the masses and moved toward a conventional agricultural model and sold only to distributors.

It was an incredible experience to welcome all these machines, row crops engineered for yield, and treatments that masked our pest and disease issues. This was an exciting time for our potato business, albeit short lived.

In recent years, the conventional agricultural system has developed serious issues.

Nowadays, it's tough to be both environmentally and financially sustainable while farming conventionally. Farmers have been turned into commodity producers and more profit goes to the industrial food giants.

Our soil has been damaged by the changes. For example, in a rain storm in 2011, we had 6 foot wide gullies wash through our fields. Now there’s some erosion for you!

Year after year, we seemed to need more and more chemicals. Sure, they keep the bugs and weeds in check. But this fight with nature makes farming more expensive and burdensome.

And, Nathan, Nolan and Melinda's son, developed some troubling health issues as a teen. After more than a year of different doctors and treatments, it turned out that switching to healthy food grown right was a big part of the solution.

We care deeply about our land and our health. So, we’re switching back to working with nature instead of trying to conquer it.

We’re transitioning our land to regenerative practices and focusing on repairing our soil and eliminating chemicals. We’re becoming an integrated farm again with a variety of animals and crops.

We’re returning to our roots, and it feels good.

We aim to nurture families, communities, and the environment by providing healthy food from our family to yours.

From the entire Masser family, we welcome you to join us!

Meet the Massers

  • Mark Masser
    Mark Masser
  • Nolan Masser
    Nolan Masser
  • Lamont Masser
    Lamont Masser
  • James Masser
    James Masser
  • Joshua Masser
    Joshua Masser
  • John Masser
    John Masser
    Livestock Manager
  • Nathan Masser
    Nathan Masser
    Marketing Manager
  • Chloe Masser
    Chloe Masser
  • Jake Masser
    Jake Masser
    Morale Builder Extraordinaire

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