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You Can Taste The Tradition With Our Family Favorite Dried Chipped Beef

May 18, 2022

Our family has been enjoying dried chipped beef for generations, and we are proud to bring it to a wider audience with our very own pasture raised beef. 

Like so many families, we feel especially connected to each other and our heritage when we eat certain foods. Enjoying the same tastes as prior generations is important and allows us to pass down memories. 

Foods like dried chipped beef have always been a part of our lives, and we love sharing them with you. 

What is Dried Chipped Beef?

Dried chipped beef is a treat that originates in the Pennsylvania Dutch community here in Pennsylvania. It consists of a piece of top round that has been salted and dried, then sliced into eighth of an inch thick slices. All dried chipped beef is delicious, but our pasture raised beef makes an extra flavorful version. 

The pieces of dried beef are not quite as dry as beef jerky and have a distinct salty, beefy flavor. Though you could eat dried chipped beef as is, we believe cooked is the best way to enjoy this delicacy. 

How to Cook Dried Chipped Beef 

In our family, we enjoy dried chipped beef in a rich cream sauce. This dish is also known as creamed chipped beef, or, in some households, as “SOS (S**t on a Shingle). It’s a creamy, meaty dish that’s similar to sausage gravy.

Our method to make creamed chipped beef couldn’t be easier. When we get to the kitchen, we begin by frying the pieces of dried beef in butter over medium heat. Then we mix in a quarter cup of flour to form a roux, and finally we add whole milk and heat the mixture to form a thick gravy.

We find that our grass fed beef is flavorful enough on its own to season the dish, but it’s also great with lots of freshly ground pepper, paprika, or other spices. 

Once the mixture has thickened, we like to gather together as a family and serve creamed chipped beef over toast or, better yet, a plain Norwis potato boiled with or without its jacket. It’s farm cooking at its best! 

Why You Should Try Dried Chipped Beef 

Dried chipped beef is the ultimate comfort food. There is something about the combination of creamy gravy, salted beef, and warm potatoes that is irresistible. 

We’ve been eating dried chipped beef since we were kids and now our kids love it as well. No matter how much gets made, there are never leftovers. A dish that can please the whole family is definitely one worth trying. 

Like we said above, food is closely connected to memory and feeling for us. We raise our beef and potatoes like our grandparents did because we value tradition and history. We want to bring back those feelings of community and connection to our food. It’s that same motivation that inspired us to offer dried chipped beef.

Creamed chipped beef may not be part of your family tradition, but there is always time to start a new one! Give it a try and let us know what you think. Better yet, also share one of your favorite family recipes with us. We are always looking to learn about a new culture.

Nolan Masser

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